Non-partisans and Independents: Is there such a thing?

Non-partisans and Independents: Is there such a thing?

Is being non partisan possible? What about being independent when it comes to politics and government? What is non-partisan, anyway? What does an independent stand for? What do the non-partisans stand for?

It’s hard to determine, but they will be steadfast and resolute in their non-partisanship and in their being an independent. They stand proudly on their non-partisanship, especially here in Washington State.

Non-partisan has been defined by the political analysts and hacks of the consulting and data analysis world as someone who is undecided, in the middle, and does not identify as either Republican or Democrat. These people in the middle can sometimes be 2% or 98% depending upon who the candidate is, or what the issue is about, and depends upon the name recognition of the candidate or the knowledge of the issue or ballot measure. There is no good definition to this non-partisan group.

Have these people who identify as non-partisan studied the issues and decided they don’t like either, or are they so irritated and turned off by the system that they largely ignore what is going on in government and politics, and just tune it out?

Or do they truly have a well thought out decision after carefully examining both parties that they truly don’t identify with either?

After some research by the non-partisan fact tank Pew Research, ,

these middle independents, these non-partisan people aren’t really all that neutral in their beliefs and politics. They lean left or right, but they may be avoiding politics because of the personalities on each side…not wanting to identify with Trump on the right or Biden on the left, they’d just rather avoid it all and wish we could all just get along.

And I bet a lot of women of Conservative Ladies of WA were independents before our state’s horrible response to a virus hit, which revealed our state government, controlled by the leftist Democrats, and the public school system, run by Socialists and Marxists in the teachers’ unions, for what they really are…corrupt.

So what is an “independent”, a “non-partisan”. It’s hard to define, because there are no standards for this middle, and the Constitution is largely ignored which would define what we are supposed to be standing on and living by as a nation. 

Yes, compromise is often used, but compromise comes after two very different philosophies and view-points agree to some concessions to move forward. The two sides don’t give up and abandon the basis for their convictions and become non-partisan, they just agree to compromise to find an answer so the parties involved can move forward.

Is it possible to remain non-partisan and vote?

The middle, the non-partisans, the independents, are people who don’t pay attention to politics or who is in office until the voter guide or ballot shows up in the mail, and then they are forced to make a decision if they want to vote.

And often they complain that all these political ads are interrupting their favorite TV shows, and filling up all of the advertising air time, and are disgruntled and irritated at the whole mess.  They moan “We can’t wait until this election is over, and these ads will go away!” 

This is your “non-partisan” middle, and campaign hacks know these barrage of ads work for this middle, otherwise they wouldn’t spend the millions of dollars to do them.

Eventually if these independents want to vote, they have to lean left or right to make a decision. And therefore, if they have voted predominantly for one of the two parties, they are no longer independent or non-partisan. They have declared some of who they are by their vote.

And then the stubborn ones go back to their corners, and publicly declare they are an independent.

Thanks to covid, and the horrible response of our state government to it, many people now have woken up to the fact that who is governor matters, and how our government is supposed to function matters. It has shoved these people out of the mushy middle, and taken away their ability to avoid these topics and these subjects.

What we can do going forward:

My first podcast of the “Tangled Angle” asked, “Was 2020 your wake up year?”, and in that podcast I talk about my own shock and disbelief when my husband was elected to the WA State House of Representatives in 2003. I was shocked and completely caught off guard at the war that is politics, and how I realized didn’t want to be in this war. I didn’t sign up for it, I didn’t contribute to the mess it now was, and I don’t like war.

Before we were involved in state government, I was of the blissfully naive mindset wishing we all could just get along.

Well, as someone who has walked in the trenches of government and politics for over 20 years, I realized the left are those who want to destroy our way of life, destroy the family, destroy eduction, destroy capitalism, destroy gender differences and what it means to be male and female, and destroy the Constitution. They never sleep. The left is always at war with freedom and liberty, and I realized the left does not want to come to any sort of middle, any sort of compromise, any semblance of getting along. They want to destroy all that is good, true, and right. They have no standards. The left is lawless cage fighters… no rules, no referees, no survivors.

The people in the middle, although they may think they are mannered and well meaning, are called dupes, as they were famously named in New York Times bestselling author Paul Kengor’s book, “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century”. These dupes have been in the “middle” for over a century and are the ignorant “non-partisans” being used by whoever is in power to control the country. And for the last 100 years or so in America, it has been the progressives.

Only those who are awake to their schemes really know the long game and what is going on. And these dupes, the non-partisans, the independents, the non-committal, have been used by the left and the progressives to unravel and undermine the Constitution, and America, for a century.

In his book “Dupes”, Paul Kengor discusses these dupes and how America’s adversaries around the world have manipulated the progressives, whom he calls dupes, for a century.

These dupes, also known as useful Idiots, have plagued literally the world for years.

Paul Kengor does a deep dive into the persistent role of the dupe in America, and cites decades of FBI files, Soviet archives, and other resources, and tells the story of how these people in the middle are duped and used by the enemies of the United States, and the enemies of our Constitution, at all levels of academia and government, right on down to the average voter.

These dupes people are flattered to their faces (sending them unemployment checks for months and months, handing out free money so people lose their motivation to work, giving every child in America $300 a month and calling it a “tax credit”, promising to forgive college debt, etc.) while the predators for their values and their vote prey on them. But these dupes who willingly take the money have no idea, as they take the money playing the “victim”, are willingly helping in their own victimization, now being felt by high inflation, product shortages, the high cost of living, and run-away real estate prices.

Another word for dupe is “useful idiot”, a term first used by

Vladimir Lenin, in the early 1900’s leading up to World War One.  He was the founder of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks), inspired and lead the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), and the architect, and first head of the Soviet state from 1917–1924.

He was the founder of the organization known as Comintern (Communist International), which is the doctrine codified and joined with with Karl Marx’s works, by Lenin’s successors, to form Marxism-Leninism, which became the Communist worldview.

He is responsible for the death of millions in the 20th century.

And to further show why Washington State went hard left a long time ago, in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, there stands an 8 ft. tall Statue of Vladimir Lenin! The Statue has been there since 1995. Even though Lenin was a communist leader in Russia responsible for many deaths and atrocities (including his own), it remains standing.

And Lenin used this term “Useful Idiots” to describe communist sympathizers in Western Civilization, namely the United States. So this term of dupe, or useful idiot, otherwise known as the non-partisan middle, has been used for years by the left to accomplish what they want.


I think the squishy middle just got smaller, as more and more people now have a political opinion of who is in office. I’m so glad that many people have come to discover that government, politics, and who sits on our public school boards is important, and that being involved is the only way to change it for the better. We must speak up for the truth.

It matters who holds these positions in our government that America’s founders so beautifully set up for a free and moral people. But we need to make sure that those who hold these offices are for the values of freedom and liberty, and do not use and abuse them to gain their own selfish power, and take us down the road to tyranny.

Good job, wonderful women of the Conservative Ladies of WA, and a big standing ovation to Julie Barrett for starting this freedom train here in our state!We need to keep getting involved and stand up for marriage between one man and one woman, for the traditional family, for what is male and female, for our children, and for the Constitution and what made America great. Silence is agreement, and our silence on these issues is what is killing us.

There is no such thing as living in a non-partisan, non-committal, independently unattached place from any moorings or anchors or principles that ground us as individuals, families, or a nation.

We all need to take a stand for liberty.

So, to answer my own question, no, there is no such thing as non-partisan or an independent if we want to maintain the beautiful and amazing United States of America, because we all are affected by the government we live under, and to preserve it and keep it, we must make a decision to take action to uphold and defend these wonderful freedoms given to us by the God who made us.

By Janis Kristiansen, Host of “Tangled Angle” podcast

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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