Official Endorsement: Brandon Beynon for State Representative LD31

Official Endorsement: Brandon Beynon for State Representative LD31

Endorsement of Brandon Beynon, Washington State Representative, LD31

It is with great hope and confidence that we give our full support and official endorsement to Brandon Beynon, candidate for State Representative in the 31st Legislative District of Washington.

We believe that change in Washington state will only come when the establishment and career politicians are challenged by citizens who are willing to step up and serve the people. After years of frustration from trying to work with a representative who was unresponsive, Brandon decided it was time to challenge the incumbent to give a voice to the people in his community.

One of our top priorities is to “drain the swamp.” That means electing true servants of the people who will bring real representation to Washington. As a small business owner, Brandon understands the real concerns facing our business owners from out-of-control taxes and regulations to Covid mandates and restrictions. He will work with other leaders in our legislature on laws that will allow a better environment for our businesses where they can grow and thrive.

Another top issue for CLW is protecting our children and the rights of parents. Brandon is committed to working towards giving families choices in educations, particularly as it pertains to school funding, which he believes should follow the student. Brandon will work towards undoing radical left legislation that has given our state government more rights to our children than their own parents. Brandon believes that parents should have the right to make health-related and education decisions for their minor children.

Brandon has a servant’s heart which is much needed in our government. We believe that he will give a voice to the people of Washington and work to advance issues will benefit our citizens, not just advance the agenda of the establishment. Electing leaders like Brandon is how we will save our state, and this is why we are proud to stand with Brandon Beynon and officially endorse him as the choice for the 31st LD state representative.

You can learn more, contact and support Brandon’s compaign at VOTE BEYNON – Home

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