Official Endorsement: Joe Cotta for State Representative LD8, Seat 2

Official Endorsement: Joe Cotta for State Representative LD8, Seat 2

Endorsement of Joe Cotta, State Representative – 8th LD

*CLW Founder, Julie Barrett issued a personal endorsement of Joe Cotta during the Washington Primary. Now that Joe has advanced to the general and will be facing a Republican who is endorsed by the WEA (teachers union) and other PACs, special interest and activist groups, we felt it was important to issue an official endorsement on behalf of Conservative Ladies of Washington

On behalf of Conservative Ladies of Washington, it is my honor to give my full support and endorsement to Joe Cotta for State Representative in Washington’s 8th legislative district.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Joe personally through our shared faith in Christ, love for country and the great state of Washington. I am thrilled that Joe has made the choice to step up and serve his district and our state in this way.

Joe is a family man with strong conservative values. At a time when our nuclear family is under attack by the left from our babies in the womb to our children being indoctrinated in government schools, we need a representative that will fight fiercely to protect the family and parental rights. For years we have seen Washington Democrats pass anti-family, anti-parent legislation and we need strong conservatives in the legislature to fight against this. I have no doubt Joe will do just that when he is elected to our state legislature.

The 8th LD will be fortunate to have Joe Cotta working on their behalf in Olympia. Joe’s knowledge of agriculture and region-specific issues is unmatched. As we see our freedoms and Constitutional Rights being attacked at every turn, Joe will fight for us, and he won’t back down. Joe is kind and compassionate, yet firm and unwavering. Voters can count on Joe to be a man of integrity and be true to his word once he is elected to office.

Julie Barrett

Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Learn more about Joe, contribute to his campaign and learn about volunteer opportunities: Wa District 8 | Joe Cotta (

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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