Official Endorsement: Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative LD 7

Official Endorsement: Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative LD 7

Endorsement of Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative, Washington’s 7th Legislative District

It is our honor to give Lonny Ray Williams our endorsement for State Representative in Washington’s 7th Legislative District.

Lonny is a true conservative, dedicated to serving the people in his community and preserving our American values and way of life. He’s also a homesteader, husband, father, and veteran.

Conservative Ladies of Washington is dedicated to fighting for parental rights in our state and this is one of the top issues that Lonny cited as to why he feels led to run for state representative. Lonny believes that parents should have the authority over their children’s education, their medical and mental healthcare and he vows to fight against the indoctrination of our children by the radical left. Lonny is committed to giving parents a choice and a voice in education and will not vote to give more money to our failed government schools.

Lonny is also dedicated to defending our 2nd Amendment rights, fighting more tyrannical government overreach and mandates by  Inslee and the Washington Democrats by giving our law enforcement the tools they need to get a handle on the out-of-control crime in our state.

We believe that Lonny will bring true representation of the people of District 7 to Olympia. He will be a servant of the people – which is a very needed change for District 7 and Washington state.

Lonny Ray Williams’ willingness to serve and dedication to Washington State not only encourages us but gives us hope. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our state. We are proud to give our full support and endorsement to Lonny Ray Williams.

You can learn more about Lonny and donate to his campaign here: Lonny Ray Williams for District 7 Representative

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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