Official Endorsement: Scott Stephenson for Congress

Official Endorsement: Scott Stephenson for Congress

Endorsement of Scott Stephenson, Washington’s 8th Congressional District Representative

It is with great confidence we give our full endorsement and support to Scott Stephenson for Washington’s 8th District Representative in the United State Congress.

Scott is a “political outsider”, he’s a family man, a father, a rocket scientist, and a man who is determined to fight for the things that are so important to everyday Americans and to Conservative Ladies of Washington.

Among Scott’s top priorities is SAVING OUR CHILDREN. Scott and his family experienced firsthand the indoctrination of the radical left, and this is one of the experiences that inspired Scott to step up and run for Congress. We must elect leaders who are committed to saving our children and putting an end to funding leftist ideology in our government schools and we believe Scott is the candidate who will do just that when he’s elected to Congress.

Scott is unabashedly PRO God, PRO America, PRO Life, PRO Gun, PRO Family and PRO Trump. Scott is not afraid to speak to issues that many politicians and candidates will shy away from. We need leaders who stand strong; not buckle under the left and RINO pressure, who vote with integrity every time. Scott Stephenson is that leader.  

Scott’s slogan is: “It’s time to fight, it’s time to win!”

We are honored to give Scott our full support in this race. We are here to fight, and we are here to win!

Learn more about Scott, his plan for Washington and America and get involved at

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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