One last CALL to ACTION for 2023

One last CALL to ACTION for 2023

We have one final call to action as we wrap up 2023…

2023 was the first full legislative session that Conservative Ladies of Washington worked to influence legislation and engage citizens in the lawmaking process in Olympia. It was also the first year we formed a Legislative Action Team consisting of our members who worked all session to research bills and provide a variety of ways to communicate to citizens what bills were being proposed and a variety of actions they could take.

In 2023 Conservative Ladies of Washington:

  • Issued detailed information and citizen calls to action for over 70 bills resulting in 105,298 trackable actions by citizens
  • Provided over 50 testimonies in public hearings by 11 members of our Legislative Action Team
  • Hosted 8 FREE citizen training workshops and webinars, educating citizens how to effectively use their voice in the lawmaking process
  • Hosted a rally in Olympia in opposition to SB 5599
  • Launched our YouTube “Bill of the Day” series as an additional way to engage and educate citizens on proposed or passed legislation
  • Welcomed 5 Legislative Action Team leaders in advance of the 2024 legislative session, who will allow our team to be even more effective in the new year

I have to admit, these numbers blow me away a little. When I first started CLW in 2021, I had no idea about legislation, I had no idea it would become our mission an focus and I had no idea I would have the amazing team working with me that I do today.

We are truly a grassroots organization run by volunteers. Our goal is to bring citizens the facts, unincumbered by political persuasion and affiliations, compelling them to action. The work we do takes a great deal of time and financial resources. Supporters who upgrade to a paid subscription or make a financial contribution allow us to continue to do this work.

CALL TO ACTION: As we close out 2023 and prepare for a BIG 2024 in Washington state and beyond, would you please consider supporting Conservative Ladies by upgrading to a paid subscription on our Substack or making a donation? If you are a business owner and would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please email

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