Parents: What You Need to Know About New WA Laws

Parents: What You Need to Know About New WA Laws

What is SB 5599?

  • Provides MINOR children access to abortion & transgener hormones, meds, surgery
  • Allows non-homeless minors to be housed in youth shelters/host homes
  • Eliminates parental NOTIFICATION

The most egregious bill of the 2023 Washington Legislative Session, SB 5599 took effect on Sunday, July 23rd. Parents and citizens need to know the facts and what this means for your family.

Defenders of SB 5599 insist it does not include “gender affirming” surgeries. It absolutely does and it’s all in the bill. SB 5599 works in collaboration with HB 1469 which defines “protected health care” (and makes WA a sanctuary state for those seeking it)

HB 1469 very clearly defines “gender affirming care” to include surgical procedures. So when people supporting SB 5599 tell you it doesn’t include surgeries – you can point them directly to the text of the law. HB 1469 was passed with an emergency clause, taking effect upon signing of the bill on April 27th.

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SB 5599 states that youth seeking “protected health care services” (defined in HB 1469) would be cause for NOT notifying the parents of child’s whereabouts. There is no due process with SB 5599. Adults influencing your minor child could merely “assume” that you would not be gender affirming and this is enough for the state to keep your child’s whereabouts a secret from you. Even law enforcement would not be able to tell you where you child is or if they are safe.

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Your child could go from school, where they profess to be “transgender” or even just confused about their gender (because why wouldn’t you be when you’re taught in school you can pick from a rainbow of “genders”??!!) to a host home or a youth shelter where the adults/social workers/counselors would be able to house them without notifying YOU, the parent.

Yes, they do have to notify DCYF and the bill does state that they shall: “OFFER services designed to resolve the conflict and accomplish a reunification of the family.” An adolescent child in crisis, mental distress or just a rebellious teenager, would be able to decline this “offer” and it is likely and expected that adults operating in this system would influence a child against family reconciliation. The government is NOT on the side of parents and to expect, in good faith, they would make a real effort towards reunification is naive.

How Do I Protect My Kids??!!

Certainly, getting your children out of the government school system is the first step, but it is not an assurance by any means. You must have open conversations with your children on a regular basis. Those uncomfortable conversations most parents don’t want to have are no non-negotiable and must start earlier than parents would like. Our children are directly in the line of fire for these evil policies and it is our job to protect them.

Additionally, eliminate or limit their social media use and access. This is tough, but social media is a prime means for these adults to reach your children. You should use every available monitoring tool available if your children are using the internet and social media. You should always know who they are communicating with both online and in person.

Join us for a Twitter Space on Wednesday, July 26th at 7PM for more information and tools. Scheduled: How do I protect my kids in WA? (

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