#ProtectOurChildren: What’s Next

#ProtectOurChildren: What’s Next

Whew! What a session! 

We knew it was going to be ugly and we were going to get bruised and battered and the Democrats did not disappoint. It was a bloodbath. 

BUT!!! While hundreds of awful bills were passed this session, we made sure they were not able to do it in the dark and we brought pressure they’re not used to having, slowing them down. And we did manage to stop a few bad bills from passing. I’ll be putting together a summary of some the most notable bills that will have the greatest impact on citizens in the near future. I did a short video on Sunday with my “off the cuff” thoughts as we wrapped up the session. Watch:

Tonight at 7PM we are hosting a Twitter Space as a follow up to the protest we had in Olympia on Friday to Protect Our Children. We’ll be discussing what’s next. Our speakers will be discussing the trans radical agenda targeting our children, how we can protect our children and fight back, how we can influence policy and the path to winning this culture war. 

Our speakers include: Rep Jim Walsh, Rep Travis Couture, Todd Herman (The Todd Herman Show), Joe Kent, Scott Stephenson, Tyler Miller, Jarrod Sessler and more! 

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter Space, it’s super easy – it’s an audio conversation where users can join to listen and speak. You can do it from anywhere and you’ll be able to ask questions of our speakers. 


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