Rescuing Our Daughter

Rescuing Our Daughter

Conservative Ladies of Washington Founder, Julie Barrett shared her story of dealing with a Seattle youth shelter on the Todd Herman Show in 4 separate interviews and also an interview with Carrie Abbott (below).


This is a story every parent needs to hear. The youth mental health care system in Washington state is anti-parent and anti-family and it is time for us to ACT. Children age 13 and over are allowed to have confidentiality and decision making when it comes to health care, mental and sexual health decisions. Julie’s daughter needed help, went to Children’s Hospital, Paul Allen’s Hope Center and then things went sideways.


Julie’s Story: Police called to save her daughter from a youth shelter – The Todd Herman Show –


*Interview #4 begins at the second marker

Teen Health Law Creates a Nightmare Story – Relationship Insights Radio with Carrie Abbott

Abigail Shrier’s article in City Journal about Julie’s daughter’s story When the State Comes for Your Kids | City Journal (

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