Takeaways From Joe Kent’s Townhall

Takeaways From Joe Kent’s Townhall

*By Debbi Anderson, Conservative Ladies of Washington, Education Lead


In January 2011, Republicans in Washington were excited to have voted in Jaime Herrera Beutler as US House of Representative from Washington’s 3rd District.  We learned rather quickly that she was not a benefit for our party.  She was absent for many votes in Congress.  And, in 2021, she proved herself a RINO by being one of 10 Republicans to vote for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  She even volunteered to be a star witness against him.  I remember being so ashamed of her because she was from Washington.  I know we are together in our determination.  NO MORE RINOS FROM WASHINGTON.



On May 6, I attended a Zoom meeting getting to know Joseph Kent, who is running against Jaime in 2022.  I was very impressed with him.  He spent almost two hours with us, telling us about himself and answering our questions.  I was prepared.  I had already decided what was crucial to me.  There are a lot of issues so it was a difficult choice, but I ended up with my number 1 criteria for voting would be, is s/he a pure Constitutionalist.  My second criteria is education (of course!).  I had many other items on my list:  election integrity, US economy, national security, all the Covid issues (masking, vaxxing, shut downs), state vs. federal responsibilities.



As Julie told you earlier, Joe has over 20 years in the military and 1 year in the intelligence community, Joseph worked a year for the CIA.  He had interviewed with President Trump and was offered a position in Trump’s second administration.  But then, in 2019, his wife (also in the military) was killed in Syria about a week before Trump pulled our troops out.  All Joseph’s plans had to change as he had two young sons he had to be the sole parent for.



Joe returned to Washington and was disgusted with how his beloved America had been treated.  He determined right there and then to make a difference and to run for office against Herrera Beutler.



Here are some quick notes I had from the conversation.  I want you to get to know him, and I’d urge you to support him with your time, energy, money, and to vote for him.


His top priorities in order:  Election integrity, restoring the economy, and national security.


Biden turning off the Pipeline cost 10,000 jobs and empowered Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and the Middle East.


We need to call for a moratorium on immigration.  Immigrants need to benefit our nation.


America first.  He must have said this 20 or more times. He obviously believes in it.


He fully supports the Constitution.  He said he would die for it and that his wife actually did.  The Covid precautions have walked all over the Constitution.


He’s not necessarily against the vaccine, but he is strongly against the mandate.  He wants to cut off Inslee’s funding for Covid relief as it’s what gives Inslee the power.


No federal money should ever go to activist governors.


Critical Race Theory has gotten in because we’ve become so tolerant and fold when bullied.  The Left has weaponized it to encourage race wars.  The media has stoked the flames of riots in the name of systemic racism.  (This was my question he answered.)


He wants to be on the Appropriations Committee so he can determine who gets money.  He feels he is a natural for being on the Armed Services and Intelligence Oversight Committees.

His goals include eliminating Covid restrictions, breaking up Big Tech, and restoring a robust military.



Oh…this is good.  My last question to him was to share what Inslee just ordered—segregation according to vaxxing.  I asked how he felt about civil disobedience.  He reiterated.  No vax, no mask, no Covid separations.  He wants us to fight!


I hope this helped you get to know Joseph Kent.  He is very willing and desirous to speak to groups.  If you have an event and it’s in the 3rd district, give him a call.  He might just be available.


I would challenge you, when you get the opportunity, go to the meetings (in person or on Zoom) to meet the candidates, know your priorities, and ask the specific questions.  Then, let everyone know what you find out.




Take note of these things:

A total of 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 8, 2022.  In Washington, Patty Murray’s position as Senator is up for grabs in 2022.    Voters will elect 10 candidates to serve in the U.S. House from each of Washington’s 10 U.S. House districts.



In Washington state, there are 24 State Senate seats up for grabs in 2023.  All State House members are elected for two years.  All members stand for reelection in the general election during even years and begin serving the first day of the legislative session following the general election (the second Monday of January).



School boards have openings, local offices have openings.  They are too voluminous to cover, but know your area!  Know what is up for grabs, know who is running, and know who to support.  We learned the hard way that just because they say Republican does not mean they are the ones to vote for.  Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s) are cowards and hide out.  We need to filter them out.  Shout when you find one.




Conservative Ladies of Washington

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