The Left is Not “Pro Choice”, They are PRO ABORTION

The Left is Not “Pro Choice”, They are PRO ABORTION

It’s important when we are discussing and debating the issue of abortion that we shift our language. For decades, those who believed a woman should have the personal choice whether to have an abortion or not were called “pro-choice.” That same group of people, for the most part, were also the same people that mandated mRNA injections and masks during the “pandemic” these last 2, going on 3 years.

“As a nation our goal should be to protect individual freedom, while fostering responsible decision making. An approach that seeks to protect the right to choose while reducing the number of abortions. Our vision should be of an America where abortion is safe and legal…but rare.” – President Bill Clinton, January 22, 1993

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In days of old, being “pro-choice,” meant that you believed it was a woman’s right to choose what was best for her when it came to abortion. Being pro-choice didn’t necessarily mean that you believed in a woman’s right to choose an abortion at any time during a pregnancy (and maybe even post birth), or for any reason (hey, it’s just inconvenient). Bill Clinton was not the only Democratic leader who held the belief that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Most people on the pro-choice side still believed in some sort of guardrails around abortion.

As with so many issues, the abortion issue has gone completely off the left cliff. From “safe, legal and rare” to “at any time for any reason.” We hear politicians call abortion “healthcare” and that abortion is necessary in order for us to have “reproductive justice.” In recent years we have heard slogans like: “My Body My Choice” and “Hands Off My Body.” This took an interesting turn during 2020-2022 when those on the left decided to mandate mRNA injections (aka “Covid vaccines”) if people wanted to keep their job, go to school, eat in a restaurant. Thousands lost their jobs because they made a CHOICE not to inject an untested “vaccine” into their bodies. It was the radical left that demanded all Americans must get this injection if they wanted to participate in society. So much for “pro-choice.” It was abundantly clear that choice subjectively applied.

In addition to the mRNA injections, this same group of “pro-choice” people demanded…and in many cases, mandated…that we must wear a cloth face covering that had not been proven to prevent transmission of Covid. If you chose not to wear the mask, you put yourself at risk of being denied service, reprimanded by staff or other patrons, or being chased out of the store by an angry “pro-choicer.”

The radical left is not “pro-choice,” they are PRO ABORTION. There is a big difference and it’s important that we shift our language around this issue to be more accurate. Certainly, there are still people who are of the old-school, “pro-choice” mentality. These are the people that believe abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” They are not for abortion at any time for any reason – abortion as birth control. The outrage and violence we are seeing from this pro-abortion group across the country is not in defense of a woman’s right to choose – if it was, we would hear a lot more discussion about all the options that prevent pregnancy.

This is about a much larger and sinister agenda that is anti-God, anti-life, anti-family and anti-America.

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