The Matrix of Liberty: Part 3

The Matrix of Liberty: Part 3

*By CLW Contributing Writer


Today is how our country has always been. We are experiencing the birth pangs of the next chapter but so much is the same. What a dizzying, clamoring time. It’s been hard to write this article because of the magnetism of community right now, especially that found on social media. It’s made me wonder if the true enemy wants to suppress this article so I muscled through the demands and meaningful distractions to get this written. I’ve been stuck but knew that if I read on in The First Thanksgiving, What The Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning From History, by Robert Tracy McKenzie and leaned into The Lord, He would connect some dots for me and spur me forward.


As I read on in that book I learned that the Saints (later called the Pilgrims) lived out their Separatist beliefs in ways that separated them from others who traveled to America including other Christians such as the Quakers.  The early states and colonies separated themselves from each other because of this firm belief system of right from wrong. All of these pilgrims were bent on having the freedom to establish their own government as they saw fit. They wanted room to try it out and see if it could work better. This hunger for liberty emerged from their relationship with God and from the overreaching control from Kings and Queens they rejected and were fleeing from. These liberty seekers arrived here unprepared, rigid in beliefs shaped by life experiences and neighbored the locals who naturally had reason to hostiley defend their land as well as the fellow voyagers with differing lifestyles and ethics.


I took so many breaks last weekend, more breaks than reading and writing. One of the breaks was a cooking and baking spree in the kitchen to tend to our household’s needs. What a chore but one of the ways I make it enjoyable is to listen to things like this video from Rick Green and his guest Mark Meckler posted that same day titled Leave NO Man Behind (watch It was INCREDIBLE to hear the same exact principle reiterated about the early settlers not trusting or agreeing with each other but they united miraculously time and time again through civil wars and longstanding hatred and mutual ridicule of each other’s policies such as the North against the South regarding slavery.


Let’s unite tonight at 5pm pacific time on zoom for Biblical Citizenship!!!! You are invited. It started last week on Monday but you haven’t missed a thing, it was recorded. I knew this brand new class was starting up but had no idea they would be talking about The Matrix of Liberty when I started writing this piece a few weeks back but they did and it was GREAT! . Patriot Academy, Biblical Citizenship, get registered for free and join.  Take a BREAK from the bad news, discord and chaos. Look at the instructions of Phil 4:6-8 and DO them to reap them. Let’s unite in Christ and walk in solutions.


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