The People Spoke: Democrats Didn’t Listen

The People Spoke: Democrats Didn’t Listen

Throughout the legislative session we have issued calls to action on SB-5078, the “high capacity” magazine ban bill. This bill bans the use of gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Most standard magazines hold more than 10 rounds. This bill does nothing to stop violent, evil-doing criminals. This bill is targeted at law-abiding firearm owners…freedom loving Americans. 

Over the course of this bill’s journey through the legislature tens of thousands of Washington citizens (sorry, I cannot bring myself to say “Washingtonians”…Inslee has ruined that word for us all!) have made their voices heard in opposition to this bill. In fact, when this bill was heard in the House committee it received a record number of responses. More than 16,000 citizens signed in with their opposition to this bill and just over 1,200 in support. That’s HUGE!! 

But the democrats didn’t listen. They passed this bill anyway. (And hundreds of other bad bills.)

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*Marko Liias is a state senator in district 21. 

Also passed this week was HB-1630 which bans guns in any area being used for a school board meeting. Make no mistake – this is a bill targeted at conservative parents. You may remember last October when the DOJ issued a letter calling parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorists.” This is a bill that doubles down on this narrative. It’s not about gun safety. Not at all. 

So, what can we do? Shifting the make-up of our state legislature is absolutely critical to saving our state. We can have all the rallies and protests and write all the letters we want. If we do not change WHO is making our laws in Olympia, we are going to continue to go further and further off the left cliff. We must take the majority so we can have a fighting chance of passing laws that preserve our state and our freedom. We need to elect lawmakers who will fight to protect our families and our children. 

2022 is an election year and we must work hard to elect, CONSERVATIVES to these positions and get rid of the far-left Democrats who only appeal to a fringe group of citizens. We are not in the minority. Many people I speak to don’t really have a strong political position one way or the other – they want to be left alone to run their business, raise their children, pray and worship the way they choose or spend Saturday at the gun range. The left has made it clear they aren’t going to leave us alone to live our lives – they’re going to impose their ideals on all of us. 

I believe this is an election year that we can appeal to people of all political persuasions (or none). We need to identify these far-left Democrats and vote them out! We need to take a majority and give our Republicans in the state legislature a fighting chance to pass good bills and kill the bad ones.

Once the legislative session is over, CLW will be focused on flipping some seats and supporting our conservatives running for re-election. Please consider joining us in this fight. 

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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