URGENT! Tell Gov. Inslee Not to Sign HB-1476 Into Law

URGENT! Tell Gov. Inslee Not to Sign HB-1476 Into Law

It’s already passed the House and the Senate, but it hasn’t been signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee yet. That means we need to BOMBARD Inslee’s office with emails and phone calls letting him know we do NOT want him to sign this bill into law.

What is HB-1476?

1476 1

This bill would give school districts funding to compensate for the students who have been unenrolled due to COVID-19. As most of us know, these students have been pulled out of public school because the remote learning model does not work and our teacher’s unions and district school boards and administration have made the CHOICE not to bring our students back to the classroom. Districts should not receive funding for students who have unenrolled. (Funding should follow the student…but that’s another bill)


From Representative Brad Klippert:

“It’s not too late if the Governor hasn’t signed it into law yet. Even then, if there is not an Emergency Clause, we could run a Referendum. BOMBARD the Governor’s office with hundreds and thousands of emails and phone calls asking him to VETO this bill!

Alright team…LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!


Now’s the time. Let’s make some noise. We may be late, but it’s not over til it’s over…and even then, we still have cards left to play.


Please take a moment TODAY to email Jay Inslee and let him know you want him to VETO HB 1476 Washington State Legislature 

Contact Governor Inslee HERE: Send Gov. Inslee an e-message | Governor Jay Inslee (wa.gov)

**Even though there is a banner at the top of the page that says e-message is down until 9pm that does not appear to be the case and messages are being submitted.

Not sure what to say? Here is my message:

VETO HB 1476 Our public schools have had every opportunity to get students back into the classroom. Because of union control and administration at the district level, many have failed to do so, leaving parents with no option other than to unenroll their student and either homeschool or take on the financial burden of private school so that their student can actually GO TO SCHOOL. The funding should follow the student and taxpayers should not be on the hook for districts not providing education and proper resources to their students. Governor Inslee, please do the right thing and VETO this bill.


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Conservative Ladies of Washington

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