Washington democrats taking aim at parental rights nationwide

Washington democrats taking aim at parental rights nationwide

In the last couple days since it’s passing, we have received a lot of emails and messages regarding HB 1469.

This is one of the worst bills of this session and we vehemently oppose it.

HB 1469 is problematic in that Washington courts will not be honoring the court actions of other states, which would very likely lead to other states not honoring the court actions of Washington. This would lead to lawsuits that would come at great expense to the taxpayers of Washington. Many opponents of HB 1469 are concerned that this could have very severe impact in Washington’s relationships with other states, resulting in grave consequences.

Additionally concerning is how SB 5599 works in collaboration with  HB 1469. HB 1469 would not allow parents in other states to take legal action if their child came to Washington for these procedures and would also leave taxpayers on the hook to pay for these so-called “protected health care services.” This would divide children from loving families and guardians who are trying to protect them from making decisions that are irreversible before an age where they have the mental maturity to make such decisions. Many parents have moved out of Washington to protect their children from the anti-parent laws of Washington state and this law essentially tells those parents that if their child were to make it back to WA, they’d be able to access these services and parents would have nothing to say about it and no legal recourse.

When you look at the big picture of how HB 1469 factors in with the recent launch of AG Ferguson’s new website for free legal services for people seeking or providing abortions in WA (funded by taxpayers) and the launch of a new “Reproductive Rights Complaint Form” for people to use if they have experienced deception, harassment, or other misconduct at a crisis pregnancy center” or “experienced harassment at a clinic or other reproductive health care facility,” it’s pretty easy to see how certain individuals, groups and organizations will be targeted by these laws. The idea that this bill is to “protect healthcare privacy”, it is also very clearly designed to identify those people that the AG and radical left disagree with – such as protective, loving parents and the pro-life community.  

HB 1469 has an emergency clause that would take effect as soon as the bill is passed, unlike most bills which take effect sometime (90 days or longer) after they are signed by the governor.

This bill now moves to the senate. Please send your senator a message asking them to oppose ESHB 1469

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