CALL TO ACTION: No Involuntary Quarantine/Mature Minor Age

CALL TO ACTION: No Involuntary Quarantine/Mature Minor Age

Representative Jim Walsh has dropped several bills this session that need our attention. The following two bills have been introduced but have not been given a hearing. It’s up to us to help get them a hearing.

Please read about each bill here and then take 5 minutes on each bill to email the members of the committee (especially the Chair and Vice Chair – if you’re limited on time) and ask them to give the bill a hearing. Remember: when you email your representatives, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or lengthy. A couple of heart-felt sentences that get right to the point is all you need.

HB-2030 seeks to prohibit the use of involuntary quarantine and isolation.

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You probably remember the widespread panic of the Washington State Board of Health meeting a couple weeks ago when people became aware of the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) for quarantine and isolation that had been created in 2003. Obviously, we have been living with these codes for nearly 2 decades but now that we’ve been under King Inslee’s unending emergency powers for nearly 2 years, the likelihood of these codes being put into action seems imminent. That’s why Jim, Brad Klippert, Jesse Young and other conservatives have introduced this bill.

Please EMAIL the Health Care & Wellness Committee members and let them know you’d like this HB-2030 to have a hearing. Health Care & Wellness Committee Members and Staff (

You can also COMMENT on this bill and get EMAIL updates.

Another bill we’d like the Health Care & Wellness committee to have a hearing for is HB-2041.

HB-2041 would raise the age all “mature minor consent” on healthcare matters from age 14 to age 16.

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This bill seeks to begin to remedy the mature minor issue in Washington state that allows children to make their own medical and mental health care decisions. The current law allows children 13 and over complete privacy in their medical records from parents. As we see the greater push for gender re-assignment and birth control and abortions available to children without parental consent or knowledge, this is a good step in the right direction.

As with the previous bill, please EMAIL the Heath Care & Wellness Committee members and ask them to give this bill a hearing. If you know the story of what happened to my own 14 year old daughter last March, you know just how terrifying the ramifications of the current “mature minor” law are and just how important it is for us as parents and concerned citizens to fight for change! Health Care & Wellness Committee Members and Staff (

You can also COMMENT on this bill and sign up for EMAIL updates.

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