Despair is UnAmerican

Despair is UnAmerican

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington


I was listening to Dave Rubin’s podcast the other day and he had Sean Spicer, Sebastian Gorka and some other conservative guy on his panel. It was a really good discussion of so many things that we, as conservatives, are dealing with here in just these first few days of a new administration. But what resonated with me the most is what Sebastian Gorka said as he finished his final segment on the show…


Despair is UNAMERICAN.


I may have cheered audibly and clapped my hands.


Throughout this past week I have seen Americans in despair everywhere I turn. We have witnessed cheating and lying and evil agendas at the highest levels of our government. Americans all over had been praying for a miracle, for God to give us mercy and extend His grace upon our great nation. And when Biden was sworn in on Wednesday it felt like our prayers went unanswered. I’d like to remind you that God answers our prayers in His way, not ours. And often times, His answer doesn’t look anything like we thought it should or would.


That doesn’t mean He didn’t listen or that He’s leaving us high and dry. I’d like to remind you that for nearly 250 years Americans have had far greater challenges than what we are facing today. We’ve had battles on our lands that hundreds of thousands of Americans sacrificed their lives for so that we would have the freedoms we have today. Just think back on all the wars Americans have fought over the centuries…for US. They fought for a future country they would never get to enjoy.


Despite conditions in American going against them, they did not give up. They did not say “Well, we didn’t win this election, there’s nothing we can do.” They did NOT despair. They knew this country was worth fighting for. The values that America was founded on were so important to these people that they were willing to fight, no matter the cost. They fought so that future generations would get to live free, get to worship freely, have the right to bear arms, and the ability to open your own business. These brave Americans did that for us.


I think Conservatives and Republicans have a habit of retreating from the “battle” when we don’t win. If our candidate doesn’t win (which is almost always in Washington) we resign ourselves in frustration and go back to our comfortable daily life. In states like Washington, we face an uphill battle, especially know as the Democratic party has gone so far to the left, embracing socialism and attacking the very principles America was founded upon. An uphill battle is not an impossible battle. We cannot despair. To do so is simply UNAmerican and it is dereliction of our duty as citizens of this country.

“We should never despair, our situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again” — George Washington

I know it’s so tempting to sink into despair. Right now it does feel like the odds are stacked against us…and they are! But part of being an American is having a “fighting spirit.” We can never give up on fighting for the values that make our country so special and so unique – unlike any other nation on earth.


It’s time to reassess. For months we had all our eggs in Trump’s basket. It’s time to bring our focus closer to home. We need to evaluate the ways we can affect change in our own children, our communities, our cities and our state. There is so much we CAN do. We sometimes forget that changing one life is a huge deal and it’s very important.


Friends, we have our work cut out for us. Our public education system is indoctrinating our children with socialism and other values that are unAmerican. We need to make education reform a priority. Consider running for the school board…or even just start attending school board meetings. Make your presence known.


We need to help provide more pro-life options for women in crisis pregnancies. On his first day as President, Joe Biden overturned Trump’s order and restored taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and countries around the world. This is appalling. And a reminder that one life saved is a very big deal – we cannot discount that. And we must do the work here in our state and our communities to protect the unborn.


I could go on and on with things that need our attention. They are too many to list here. Do not DESPAIR. There is work to do and there are many victories to be won.


Together, we can! I hope you will join our efforts!

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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