New law protects abortion providers at the expense of patients

New law protects abortion providers at the expense of patients

Washington democrats have not just legalized abortion, they’ve made it protected healthcare for minor children (of no minimum age), they’ve removed all cost sharing (so either Medicaid pays or your insurance company foots the entirety of the bill), they’re forcing health care facilities to provide abortion or be shut down and they’re even trying to make it difficult for pro life medical centers to offer ultra sound services to expectant mothers.

Just when you think they’ve taken the abortion cause about as far as they can, radical left democrats say, “hold my beer.”

House Bill 2115 recognizes that legal abortion is under increasing threat across the nation, and Washington must do everything it can to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including protecting those who provide abortion medication. HB 2115 offers a common-sense solution by allowing the use of a clinic’s name on medication labels in place of the prescribers’ name. This legislation adds a layer of anonymity, reduces the risk of targeted harassment and intimidation, and help providers feel safer. On February 9th, my colleagues voted to pass this bill with strong bipartisan support.

Representative My-Linh Thai
2115 session law

HB 2115 allows abortion providers to leave their name off the prescription label, only leaving a practitioner number that can be looked up by the pharmacy in an emergency. The bill also states that the provider can omit the name of the drug and the dosage if they choose. The prime sponsor of this bill says it is necessary to protect abortion providers from harassment. Sure, maybe that happens in places like Texas and Idaho, but I can guarantee, abortion providers in Washington are not being harassed. And if they are, why hasn’t this been a top news story by the MSM? In voting yes, the representatives are agreeing that abortion providers are being harassed. It’s not happening.

If that wasn’t bad enough, let me remind you that minor children can get abortions in Washington state without parental consent or notification. They can access abortions during the school day (this is a fact!), they can stay in a shelter to access an abortion, they can even be trafficked from other states and “shielded” from their parents and the rule of law in their home state.

Consider this: You’re the parent of a 13-year-old girl who becomes pregnant “accidentally.” She is scared. The school nurse helps her access a chemical abortion. The provider gives her the pills with a label that has a practitioner number only, no name of the drug or the dosage. She goes home and takes the pills and has extreme bleeding. She calls you, her parent, into the bathroom for help. She’s lying there on the bathroom floor, bleeding profusely. You call 911. Your scared daughter can only provide you with a package that has no information on it, delaying her access to care. The medics will have to figure out who the provider is, then they’ll have to wait to get the information about the drug and dosage. All this delays your young daughter from appropriate care.

What are the odds a woman/young girl who takes the abortion pill will have serious complications or need emergency room care? Well, they’re quite high actually.

“FDA has long recognized that emergency care is essential to handle abortion-drug complications; the agency’s own numbers say that roughly one in 25 women who take mifepristone will end up in the emergency room; and Respondent doctors have testified to routinely treating women suffering abortion drug harm,”  the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine wrote in their brief for their case being heard v. the FDA at the Supreme Court later in March 2024.

Furthermore, mifepristone requires a black box warning label, a serious warning given by the FDA for drugs or drug classes that may cause serious harm or death.

The AHM brief continues:

“FDA’s current label for mifepristone continues to require a Black Box warning because the drug can cause ‘[s]erious and sometimes fatal infections and bleeding’… It also directs women to emergency rooms if one of many adverse complications arise,”

The doctors added:

On that label, FDA estimates that 2.9 to 4.6 percent of women will visit the emergency room after taking mifepristone… And FDA’s medication guide acknowledges that as many as 7 percent of women will need surgery after taking mifepristone ‘to stop bleeding’ or to complete the abortion…

The label also warns that a prescriber must ‘[e]xclude [ectopic pregnancy] before treatment,’…’because some of the expected symptoms experienced with a medical abortion (abdominal pain, uterine bleeding) may be similar to those of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.’

mifepristone black label

This should make your blood boil. Even if you are “pro choice.” This is not “health care.” This is not compassion. This is pure evil and the ones who will be hurt the most are our innocent children.

Women have a right to know exactly what they are being prescribed, how much they are being prescribed and who is prescribing it.

The radical left is not content with destroying life in the womb, they want to destroy your children out of the womb as well. It is our duty to hold the line and fight for the right to life.

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