How Do We Fight Back?

How Do We Fight Back?

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

I get emails and messages daily asking me “what are we going to do to fight back?”

I know that most people want a tangible action item that they can go do right now, which makes my answer seem too simple. People want to shake things up, make some noise. The way we fight back is simple and often times the silence of it speaks more volumes than if we raise our voice.

What do we do?


We make our decision and we stand firm. We do not waiver. We are aware that our decisions come with consequences and we prepare ourselves and our families for the possibility of those consequences. There is a peace within when you make a decision that you know deep inside is the right decision for you (and your family). The consequences may be rough and uncomfortable, but having your integrity in tact is invaluable.

What we are seeing right now with workers across the country is exactly what I’m talking about. They have made their decision. They’re standing firm, ready to deal with the consequences of their decision. And Americans all over are feeling the effect of their decision. Personally, I am so proud of them and I do not mind, for one minute, any inconvenience it may cause to my lifestyle. Fortunately, this isn’t a choice I’ve had to make professionally, but if I did, I hope people would support me. And the support is astounding!

american airlines 1

The heroes are the ones that are standing. It’s the quiet way of fighting back. It’s a David and Goliath moment. These people are what our government considers the “little guy”, the David, if you will. But it’s proving to be very difficult to conduct daily business without the Davids.

We don’t need to ask the government to give us our rights. They are ours for the taking.

Kyrie Irving is a perfect example of STANDING and not letting anyone take your voice.

Fight back by standing firm in your decision. And be prepared, not panicked.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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