Independence Day Call to Action

Independence Day Call to Action

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Every January 1, millions of people make a resolution to change something in their life – they’re going to exercise more, lose weight, eat better, become more organized, travel to Europe, spend more time with friends and family, stop or start a habit. Today, I’m suggesting each one of us treats this 4th of July Independence Day as an opportunity to make a resolution of a different kind.

On Independence Day we celebrate our country’s independence and freedom – a blessing and a rare gift, one that many of us (at least in my generation) have taken for granted for most of our lives. These last few years, especially, have proven to us how fragile this blessing is and that we each have a duty to protect it if we want to keep it.

As I read back over articles I have written the past two years on Independence Day (since the inception of Conservative Ladies of Washington), there has been a theme of hope. I wrote about the hope I have of seeing citizens waking up and wanting to take action. And many have done just that. But it is not enough. We need more!

The radical left is highly organized, heavily funded, and hard at work to control every square inch of this nation and their prime target is your children…from womb to classroom and everywhere in between. They want to control your speech, disarm you and make you completely reliant upon the government.

Each one of us must make a commitment to doing our part to preserve our right to liberty. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours each day knocking on doors or writing letters. It doesn’t mean you have to run for elected office. It doesn’t mean you have to testify in legislative hearings. This doesn’t mean you have to speak at your local school board meeting. These may be what you are called to, but they may not.

CLW member Jenny Holmes sends out a weekly email to her friends and family on Mondays letting them know important things going on that week and what they can do to educate themselves and take action. Member Connie Allison felt called 2 years ago to run for office and now sits on the Mill Creek City Council. Pam Bennetson is a busy grandmother and very concerned citizen who is a PCO (precinct committee officer) spending her time focused on educating and engaging her precinct (her neighborhood). We have other members who join us for our weekly zoom meeting to learn about what’s going on and then send out our calls to action on their social media and email networks. Whether you have a few hours or a few minutes, there is something for you to do in this fight.

As you reflect on how blessed we are as a nation this Independence Day, would you also consider what tangible action you can take to help preserve the blessing and freedom we have as Americans? If you aren’t sure of what meaningful action you could take, contact our team and someone will reach out to you with some ideas.

I would also ask that you join us as a subscribing member. Your membership supports the work that our organization is doing, primarily in state legislation and to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and EQUIP citizens to stand up, speak up and take real action to create change in Washington and beyond! Join us today.

We welcome and encourage MEN to join too!

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