It’s Time to Stand

It’s Time to Stand

My mother is an elementary school teacher, every year she has a lesson that she uses to teach her students.

She gives every student in her class some money, (yes fake money).  She tells them that they can earn more money, that they can buy things with, and that they also must use this money to pay fees and dues.  She will determine when and how they are due.  She sends them on their merry way for the rest of the week.  Back to their usual lives, school work, recess, and lunch.  Whatever they do in their daily lives.  Shortly after that the lessons begin.

They receive money when they help in the classroom, when they turn in their work, when they do nice things for others, but they don’t get paid in full.  They only receive some of the money they earned.  The teacher keeps some of it.

The student needs to sit at a desk to do his work, which they need a permit for. But if he doesn’t get the permit, there is a fee.  If the student needs to sharpen a pencil, that’s a fee. Raise their hand to ask a question, that’s a fee. If they need a piece of paper for their work, that’s a fee.  If they talk out of turn, that’s a fee. Outside for recess and they step on the grass, that’s a fee.  To get on the bus to go home, that’s a fee. The teacher continues to make up reasons to charge the students more and more fees.  It goes on, and on, and on, for days.

These students earn money, but they can’t keep it and use it for what they want or need.  They get charged more in fees than they make.  After a while they start yelling, complaining, throwing tantrums, and flat-out refusing to pay a fee, they do not have any more money to pay for the fee that they are being demanded to pay.

Parents start calling the teacher.  They don’t understand what is happening at school, other than their children are very upset because they keep getting charged these fees for everything they do.

She explains to the parents what the lesson is teaching, and they laugh and tell her to continue.

At the end of the week, these students learn about the history of the revolutionary war.  The tyranny and taxing of the people in everything they do in their lives.  Why the colonists were unhappy with the King and the British.

Every year during the first 5 months of the year, in Washington State, and across the country.  A plethora of documents gets proposed by legislators that are supposed to be representing the people.

These documents consist of new rules that the populace is going to have to live by, whether or not they agree to these rules or whether these new rules, are legal or not.

These rules known as bills consist of new taxes, new fees, and new rules that will affect our daily lives.

New mandated things that your children are to learn.  Whether or not you can protect yourself, and how much you are allowed to protect yourself. Down to whether or not you can use the water on your own property and for what you need to use the water for. But don’t forget you must ask for permission (permit) to use that said water.

Today is Sunday 29th of January 2023, It’s only 20 days into this years legislative session and there are 1356 new proposed laws for just this year alone.

Many of them demand more money from the people (taxes), or new rules that we must live by (laws).  These bills will go into effect without the people’s consent.  Our representatives will accept on our behalf, and we are just supposed to accept that we must live this way.

I can only imagine the average citizen, not understanding that there are 1356 new proposed rules they must live by daily.  And we have 85 more days to go.  85 more days of new bills, and new laws.

*****These stats are from Washington State, but you will find similar stats in your state. ****

In the 2021 session, there were a total of 2746 proposed bills.

In the 2019 session, there were a total of 4,372 proposed bills.

In the 2017 session, there were a total of 4,355 proposed bills.

And in the 2015 session, there were a total of 4,382 proposed bills.

Take these numbers as an average of 3963 per legislative session.  Multiply that by however many years you want to go back. 10, 20, 30.  Doesn’t matter.  Every year, we allow an average of 3963 new laws to be pushed onto the people.

Are we allowing ourselves to be pushed around as the school teacher did to the students?  Or are we going to stand up to our representatives and demand real representation?

Your representative may be really nice, maybe a great cheerleader, the darling of the district even. But is your representative adding to the problem?  Taxing and passing more laws against the people?

Does your representative realize they are only one legislator out of 98 representatives; of which many propose multiple bills?

Most people I know, just want to be left alone.  You leave me alone and I leave you alone.  We all live together on this rock, and we want to all just get along.

We help each other when we can and when we need to, and we do our best to take care of ourselves and our families.

With these stats, how do you expect to be able to live anymore?

With these stats how do you expect to live life without breaking the law or law you never knew about and a chance at living behind bars?

It is time to stand.  It is time to take back your rights and demand your right to life, liberty, and property.

Get involved.

By Leslie Williams, CLW Legislative Action Team Leader

Mom, Wife, Homeschool teacher, homesteader, homemaker.



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