ONE MINUTE ACTION for Washington Election Integrity

ONE MINUTE ACTION for Washington Election Integrity


Tomorrow there is a public hearing at 8AM in the House State Government & Tribal Relations Committee. We need you to sign in CON to the two bills below BEFORE 7AM 3/10/23. There is a lot of support for these bills on the sign ins already, so it’s important for citizens to come out in big numbers. Please share this with your friends and networks

SB 5082 Would abolish advisory votes. Advisory votes allow the voice of the public to be heard.
Testimony in committee stated that 75% of advisory votes on tax increases have been rejected. Advisory votes reflect the will of the people and this is an underhanded way to weaken the voting process. The advisory votes create accountability, checks and balances, and an opportunity for public opinion. We do NOT support abolishing advisory votes. Sign in CON by 7AM Friday, March 10th.

SB 5208 would allow people to register to vote online by using the last 4 digits of their social security number. What could possibly go wrong? How many people have your social security number? Have you ever had your social security number stolen/subject to fraud? This is not safe and secure and it would be very easy for fraudulent voter registration. 

Support the movement by becoming a member of CLW or by making a financial contribution. Our team is working hard for the conservative cause and we’d love for you to join us!

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