Religious Liberty is on The Line

Religious Liberty is on The Line

HR 8404, deceptively named the “Respect for Marriage Act” passed the House in July with 47 Republican Representatives, including Washington CD-4 Representative Dan Newhouse, voting in favor of this law that could be disastrous for religious liberty. On Wednesday, with 12 Republican Senators voting yes, this bill passed the US Senate.

A bipartisan group of senators worked together on amendments that would ensure protections for churches, pastors, and religious organizations. These amendments do not protect Christian-owned businesses or other Christian organizations protection from civil or criminal penalties for holding fast to their deeply held religious beliefs and values.

Kristen Waggoner, CEO and President of Alliance Defending Freedom, stated in a press release on Wednesday:

“Make no mistake, this bill will be used by officials and activists to punish and ruin those who do not share the government’s view on marriage. But it will not end there. When we undermine the First Amendment rights of our neighbors, we harm ourselves.”

With passage of this bill in the Senate it will now head back to the House of Representatives for another vote. We must put pressure on our Republican representatives to vote NO on this bill. Please take a few moments to send an email to your representative today and ask them to vote NO to protect religious liberty. Please share this call to action with your friends and on your social media. We must make our voices heard.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has put forward an amendment that would protect citizens from harassment or retaliation from the government. He and fellow Republican senators have sent this amendment to the House asking them not to pass the bill without this amendment.

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Visit: H.R.8404 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Respect for Marriage Act | | Library of Congress Click on “contact your member.”

*This is the official US Congress website.

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