Show Your Papers!

Show Your Papers!

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Yesterday the dictator of Washington state, Jay Inslee, once again doubled down on his vaccine mandates, announcing new restrictions coming for public events. Starting on November 15th (because that’s the magic “danger date”) you will have to show proof of vaccination or proof of negative Covid test for all people 12 and over attending “large” events in Washington state. Papers. You will have to show papers to attend indoor events with 1000+ people or outdoor events with 10,000+ people (where do they get these magical numbers anyway???)

Beginning October 25th in King County you will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test for outdoor events with 500 people or more, indoor entertainment and recreational events or establishments and restaurants and bars. I would venture to guess that other western Washington counties will follow suit soon.

A few friends and I have an ongoing group chat, and this has been a topic of discussion for us. This morning one of my friends asked:

How are you going to proceed with new “show your papers” mandate at the end of the month? Wait it out, not going anywhere, show them papers (cough cough)?

We all started chiming in…I’m sure we were all banging rapidly on our keyboards…

I will not comply. I will only go to freedom loving places.

Showing a paper cough cough is giving in.

Look I just about lost my job. I take this more seriously than 95% of people. This is a hill I will die on. I wish I could say the same for my fellow countrymen, especially conservatives that talk a big game but no action behind it.

My response:

Hell no I’m not showing anything…no negative test, nothing. If a business requires proof of anything I won’t waste my time. The time to stand firm is RIGHT NOW.

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This is a defining moment, friends. Showing “papers” (cough cough) – of any kind is compliance. Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, regardless of if you are vaccinated or not – the idea that American citizens be mandated to show papers to enter a business to receive service is unconstitutional, it’s authoritarian. If we go along with this by showing our vaccination papers or our negative Covid test or our “cough cough” papers, we are essentially saying this is acceptable and we are complying with it.

It’s time to say NO. Remember a year and a half ago when they told us to “stay home save lives?” Now is the time to STAY HOME SAVE AMERICA. Stop going to restaurants that are complying with this unconstitutional mandate and only give your business to the freedom loving establishments. You’ll have to skip the concert or the sporting event. Imagine if a huge percentage of season ticket holders for sporting events said: “not renewing until you end this mandate.” Sports teams would be forced to reconsider as such a loss would be a huge financial hit. As long as we keep playing their game, they will continue to push the limits and enforce more restrictions on we the people.

As my friend said – a lot of conservatives talk a big game, but when push comes to shove, how many of us will put our money where our mouth is? If only a small percentage of people take this seriously…” die on this hill” …we slip further from the freedoms we have long been accustomed to, the freedom so many men and women have sacrificed their lives to give us.

Here’s the good news: there are freedom loving businesses who will not comply with these mandates. Find them and support them well. Be ready to stand with them if they come under fire, and they will.

Giving up the lifestyle you’ve always known may seem like a major sacrifice. It’s a sacrifice but consider the sacrifices of the Americans that have come before us who were willing to DIE so people could live free. If we can’t sacrifice some of our modern-day luxuries, then I guess I would say we don’t deserve a free America.

I’m glad to know that I have friends who also view this as the “hill they will die on.” It feels like we are a small minority, but I hope I am wrong. I hope that as this plays out, we see more and more Americans join us on this hill.

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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