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Washington’s Gender Inclusive Schools are Exclusive of Parents

As many parents have learned over the course of the last two years, the government schools in Washington state are less concerned with educating our students and preparing them for success after high school as they are indoctrinating them with leftist ideology, including gender diversity, critical race theory and comprehensive sex ed (CSE).

The Case for Parents on School Boards

School boards across America have taken the spotlight in media, parent organizations and communities over the last couple of years. As school closures brought classrooms into our homes on computer screens, parents and citizens alike became concerned and started speaking out and doing more research into what is really going on in our public schools.

Students Aren’t Leaving Public Schools Because of Covid Fear

The two most common reasons (there is a long list) students have been unenrolled in public schools is because 1) remote learning that went on for months on end and students weren’t learning and 2) the indoctrination of our children with Critical Race Theory, including the LGBTQ agenda