The Mama Bear Movement – Part 2

The Mama Bear Movement – Part 2

*By Mary Salamon, Conservative Ladies of Washington Church Liaison 

Okay, so you can’t run for a seat on the school board or city council. Your schedule is full. Yet, you want to protect your children while raising them with your values and morals. Psalm 127:3 “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Also, Jesus himself said, “Let the little children come to Him and do not hinder them.” Matthew 19:14. No one should be allowed to hinder the Gospel from your children.

The beauty of religious freedom is that parents are responsible for training their children about good versus evil and right versus wrong. There are universal laws and principles that every human being follows in their heart. From the beginning, parents’ guide and lead their children on the pathway to adulthood. For most Conservative Mama Bears, that pathway includes biblical instruction that should begin at a very young age.

Praying for your children and asking for wisdom and instruction is the first foundation in establishing a strong connection. Reading bible stories and uplifting stories of faith and courage will plant seeds of goodness in them. Those seeds do take root in the mind and heart and will produce fruit. That goes in the other direction too. If a child is placed in front of a television with perversion, violence, and lawlessness, those seeds are being planted as well and can produce fruit if they take root in the mind and heart. Guard the television, computer, and all other electronic devices. Watch what they’re watching. Check on their social media devices often. Make sure every effort is made with parental controls. Stay grounded and be consistent with what is allowed to be viewed or listened to on these devices. The guarding of the cubs starts at home.

The above also includes the issue of isolation and separation in the home. When both parents are working, it’s difficult and tiring to be the drill sergeant. It’s easy to let the children go off in their separate corners and vegetate in their different worlds. Leaving them alone in their world for hours on end is not healthy. Families need to connect daily visually, emotionally, and verbally. A great way to do this is the sharing of one meal a day together. Depending on the schedule, try to gather around the table for breakfast or lunch to make that connection. Can’t do it every day? Try every other day or every two days. Think of creative ways to come together with your children. Mama Bears must know what Is going on in their children’s lives. What’s happening with their friends? What’s happening at school?

What is happening at school? Here is where the indoctrination begins. School is where you gear up for the battle. Get in those textbooks and look at that homework assignment. Ask questions. Now is the time to attend your child’s school board meetings and go and meet every teacher they have. Make appointments to sit in some of their classes. Who is the principal of the school? Research his or her background and education. Did you know some teachers are not sending the books home anymore at the younger grade levels? You may not be able to run for the school board, but you must be involved in your child’s school.

In part three, we’ll finish this off with how to guard your child’s health. Fear not, Mama Bear. You are strong and capable. Plus, you have a whole community of women just like you to support and cheer you on to victory.


Mary is the author of The Government and Its People as well as her new children’s coloring book, Government in The Bible, available on Amazon Mary Salamon: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Mary also serves as the Church Liaison for Conservative Ladies of Washington. 

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