Washington Doesn’t Need Another Tax – SB-5096

Washington Doesn’t Need Another Tax – SB-5096

Washington state does NOT need another tax!


Last week the Washington State senate passed by SB-5096, a capital gains tax (7% tax on the sale of stocks and bonds, personal property and businesses, but only if those profits exceed $250,000 annually.) This bill paves the way for a state income tax in the near future.

This bill is now in the House and has been referred to the House Committee  on Finance for a hearing on Monday, March 15th at 10:00AM. It is IMPERATIVE that you take a moment to click this link to provide comment to your representatives.

sb5096 1


This screenshot shows you the bill and the status. You also see on the right hand side “comment on this bill”. You want to click that and fill out the form and it will get sent to the right representatives (if you have more than one, please select them all to receive your comment.) Be sure to choose the OPPOSE option on this form.


You can also testify in the committee hearing. Register to testify here: Washington State Legislature

You want to select FINANCE for committee, and then select ESSB 5096 for Monday, March 15th at 10AM.

testify 1


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