We Need to Counter Culture, Not Cancel It

We Need to Counter Culture, Not Cancel It

*By Ann Streit, CLW Founding Member, Heritage Book Club Leader

The first book read by CLW’s Heritage Book Club (HBC) was entitled Live Not By Lies. The author
explained the emerging totalitarianism in this country and offered stories of those that fought fascism
and then communism in Eastern Europe. He explained how they worked to prevent the erasure of their
culture and history and pass it down to their children. They would perform plays, hold bible-studies,
facilitate discussions and host events in their homes. In a time marred by violence, oppression and
lies, they would show films that promoted courage, grace and integrity. They worked to counter
culture, not cancel it!

At our most recent HBC meeting, participants shared a list of recommended movies and TV programs.
As you know, our youth are being bombarded with messages that often run contrary to family values.
Watching a movie or TV program together and discussing it, is an excellent way to start conversations
about character and virtue. Pop some popcorn or make sundaes, and make it a weekly family event.
Below, find a list of movies and programs recommended by our members. Of course, parents are
cautioned to determine what is appropriate for their family. And remember, that even a disappointing
character that makes poor choices can be a great discussion starter

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Bad Day at Black Rock
Air Force One
Lawrence of Arabia
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Anne of Green Gables series (the original or TV mini-series with Megan Follows)
The Chosen
Malcolm in the Middle – (older sitcom)
Sign, Sealed, Delivered (Hallmark series of 10 “movies”)
Death of a Nation (D’Sousa)
Star Trek (original TV series)
Gone With the Wind
Cheaper By the Dozen
To Kill a Mockingbird
All Creatures Great and Small – PBS with Nicholas Ralph
Second Hand Lions
Horatio Hornblower – series by A & E with Ioan Gruffudd
Lonesome Dove – The Series by Hallmark – 21 episodes
Little Dorritt – BBC with Matthew Macfadyen
October Sky
National Treasure
Pride & Prejudice
North and South – BBC with Richard Armitage
Ivan Hoe – with Anthony Andrews
The Adventures of Robin Hood with Erroll Flynn
Ben Hur
Christy – the series with Kellie Martin
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Swiss Family Robinson
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Blue Bloods (current TV series)

In addition to the excellent selections above, below is a list of just a few of the movies that portray the
realities of totalitarianism, oppression and war, featuring protagonists that stood up to tyranny. The
schools and media are filling the heads of our children with utopian socialist fantasies, hatred of
America and strange new definitions for the meaning of words like “brave.” Imagine the conversations
that will ensue while watching one of these movies.

The Hiding Place
Schindler’s List
The Book Thief
The Zoo Keepers Wife
Life is Beautiful
The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
Escape from Sobibor
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Diary of Anne Frank
The Pianist
The Manchurian Candidate
The Killing Fields
White Nights
Last Emperor of China
Dr. Zhivago
Courageous Decisions:
Hotel Rwanda
Chariots of Fire
A Time to Kill
To Kill a Mockingbird
15:17 to Paris

The Great Escape
Stalag 17
Bridge on the River Kwai
Judgment at Nuremberg
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
The Darkest Hour
Empire of the Sun

3:10 to Yuma
High Noon
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
How the West Was Won
True Grit

Curious about learning more about our nation, history and culture? Would you like to be more
prepared to counteract CRT, revisionist history and anti-capitalist propaganda? Join the Heritage Book
Club! Currently we have clubs in Woodinville, Renton, Mill Creek and Gig Harbor. September’s book is
the first seven chapters of American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic by Michael
Medved. You can join us for a stimulating discussion even if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

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