Week 1: TOP 5 Bills

Week 1: TOP 5 Bills

Welcome to WEEK 1 of Washington’s 2024 Legislative Session. There’s a LOT going on this week – a lot of bills have hearings and we’ll be telling you about more throughout the week. If you only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to taking action, these are our “top 5” that we believe are most consequential and positioned to move quickly through the legislative process.

For each bill click the button below to register your CON position (unfortunately, we don’t have any bills to support in our TOP 5 this week). This is basically how you “vote” on a bill. Once you have your contact details entered in the form, it should pre-fill for you on future sign-ins.

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HB 1045: Creating a basic income pilot program

This pilot program would be for 7,500 people – they do not need to be citizens, they do not need to financially qualify for the program. They would be given income, rent money and other resources. The pilot program, if approved, would most certainly be expanded.

HB 2000: Entrenches foreign influence in Washington state government

Codifying global relationships with organizations such as the World Economic Forum.

SJR 8207: Amending the Constitution to allow a majority of voters to authorize school district bonds.

Currently a 60% majority is needed to pass school district bonds/levies. This would amend the constitution to allow a simple majority to pass these measures. This is to address the failure of public schools, which has resulted in failure of voters to approve bonds/levies.

SB 5982: Changes the definition of vaccine

This would update the definition of vaccine to allow for an injection that is approved (in any way – emergency use, etc) by the FDA. This is problematic because it would be easier to allow for mandates.

HB 1954: Harmonizing language relating to reproductive healthcare and “gender affirming” care

This bill would update the laws to state that abortion and gender affirming care does not (ever) constitute unprofessional conduct and would not allow Washington to acknowledge providers who had been penalized or had their licenses revoked for anything related to abortion or gender affirming care in another state. In simple terms – it makes WA a sanctuary state for providers who perform these services.

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