Creating Chaos

Creating Chaos

You’ve likely seen the “unruly passenger” on the Atlanta flight a few days ago. A completely unhinged woman gets in the face of an older gentleman who is seated and eating his snack and drink. Of course, his mask is off – he’s eating and drinking. This doesn’t stop her from becoming enraged and yelling at him, spitting in his face, and even punching him to get him to put his mask on. Her mask is under her chin all the while.

The unhinged passenger is arrested when the plane lands.

This is not the first story we’ve seen like this. If you’ve been on an airplane recently, you’ve probably heard the numerous announcements during the flight reminding you that it is a “federal requirement” for you to wear your mask, properly covering your mouth and nose, the entire flight unless you are eating or drinking. The flights I have been on even included a warning for people who may not wish to comply.

This is creation of chaos and division. It’s not just at the airport – it’s in the grocery store, at school, in the office, at your favorite restaurant. This chaos has been intentionally created by Tony Fauci, the highest paid government official. It’s been created by the mainstream media and the political elite. These people have portrayed those who do not comply as dangerous, uncaring, and misinformed. The non-compliant don’t understand or don’t believe in “science.” (We do believe in science; we just believe other scientists that are actually showing us all the information available)

They had to create this chaos – how else would they get the resistant to comply? If strangers are yelling at one another over things like masks and social distancing, what a perfect way to create compliance! Humiliate, embarrass, and shame. For many, it is working perfectly. If you’ve ever been followed to your car by a screaming masked woman telling you you’re killing people, you know what I mean. Most people want to avoid this – not me, it just makes me double down.  

There’s only a small percentage of people left who are willing to risk the public chaos. I believe it is worth it.

The man in this video should be an example to us all. He was, for the most part, calm. He didn’t hit back. He called her a few choice words, but who can blame him?! He stood his ground. Do your research and make decisions that are best for you and your family based on that information. Don’t believe everything your tv and the politicians and Lord Fauci tell you.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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