Get Louder for Our Kids

Get Louder for Our Kids

Even if you are not a parent or grandparent, we really need your voice. It is infuriating what we are watching in the legislature’s education committees this session. Complete disregard and disdain for parents. The Democrats in power truly believe that they have the authority over OUR children. Please, join us in fighting back! We’re doing our best to make it easy for you.

We’ve got 3 quick calls to action for you in this post- will take you 3 minutes, tops! These are all education bills that have hearings on Monday, January 23rd. 

It’s really important that we make our voices heard. Our legislators are able to use these numbers when these bills move to executive session for vote. 

First up: 
HB 1071 would provide funding for a School Resource Officer (SRO) in every school. This would make our schools safer and more secure. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Jim Walsh and the opposition is all over it. WE MUST BE LOUDER!! Please support this bill by signing in PRO

HB 1239 is an attempt to erode local control of our schools. This bill would allow the OSPI to establish a “code of ethics” (who would determine this code?) that would be used to penalize schools, school boards and school staff. It is very similar to another bill that is aimed to take control from local school boards. This bill is unconstitutional – as are many that are in our state legislature this session. 

Please sign in CON to add your name to the opposition. 

SB 5339 would provide free lunch to every public school student. While we very much believe every child IN NEED should be provided a lunch, we believe that there should remain a system to qualify for school meals. This is an expense that the taxpayers do not need to shoulder and it encourages families to depend on the government rather than working their way out of poverty – but Washington democrats want citizens reliant upon the government. 

Please sign in CON to add your name to the opposition. 


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