Protecting Washington’s Children from CCP Data Security Risks

Protecting Washington’s Children from CCP Data Security Risks

Several Washington state school districts are using a program called that is owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Conservative Ladies of Washington, along with Parents Defending Education Action recently sent a letter to Governor Jay Inslee and OSPI Chris Reykdahl, asking them to protect Washington children from their data being used by American adversaries like the CCP.

“At least four districts in Washington have contracts with, raising serious national security concerns. This includes Federal Way Public Schools, Renton School District, Snohomish School District, and Tacoma Public Schools.

We take our freedoms for granted in the United States. Unlike U.S.-based companies, businesses in China are subject to Chinese laws that compel them to assist in the People’s Republic of China’s data collection efforts. Primavera Capital Group also has financial ties to ByteDance , TikTok’s parent company. The threat TikTok poses to American national security is clear: The app has already confirmed that sensitive data about some American users is stored in China, and ByteDance employees in China have accessed “nonpublic” user data.

For schools with contracts, that means American students’ names and IP addresses could potentially end up in the hands of an adversary of the United States. This can create serious vulnerabilities in our schools. Even more alarming, this includes data and information from children of American service members, as the Department of Defense also has active contracts with”

It’s time for parents and advocates to speak up. We encourage you to use our easy call to action to echo our request to Jay Inslee to protect Washington children from the threat of the Chinese Communist Party by clicking the link below.

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