Official Endorsement: Bernard Moody, State Senate LD38

Official Endorsement: Bernard Moody, State Senate LD38

Endorsement of Bernard Moody, Washington State Senate, LD38

We are honored to give our full endorsement to Washington State Senate candidate for the 38th Legislative District, Bernard Moody.

Bernard joined the United States Marines at the age of 17 where he learned the qualities of leadership, service, and sacrifice. Bernard has been serving in the law enforcement field in his community for over 30 years. He has lived and worked in the 38th legislative district in Everett since 1997 where he serves as a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Sargent.

At a critical time in our state when it is imperative that we restore law and order to our communities, we feel that Bernard is a candidate who will bring his experience in law enforcement to our State Senate. Bernard understands firsthand how important it is to empower and equip our law enforcement personnel with the tools and procedures they need to be able to protect our citizens.

Bernard shares the things that are most important to the Conservative Ladies of Washington such as: putting America First, defending our Constitution, draining the swamp of career politicians, the right to life, restoring the nuclear family and acknowledging parent’s right to make decisions for their children.

Not only is Bernard compassionate and have a servant’s heart, but he also cares deeply about his community, our state and bringing a voice for the people to Olympia. He is a man of integrity, honor, and humility.  Bernard Moody is a candidate we are truly honored to stand beside in this fight to save Washington state.

You can learn more, contact and support Bernard Moody’s campaign at About | Bernard for Senate (

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