Official Endorsement: Tamborine Borrelli, Secretary of State

Official Endorsement: Tamborine Borrelli, Secretary of State

Endorsement of Tamborine Borrelli, Washington Secretary of State

We are pleased to give our full endorsement to Secretary of State candidate, Tamborine Borrelli.

In a time when saying things like “election integrity” and “election fraud” have somehow become controversial, Tamborine is a candidate who is willing to pursue truth, speak truth and not back down.

Tamborine is the only America First candidate running for Washington’s Secretary of State. She is an election integrity investigator who has filed 8 lawsuits to audit the 2020 ballots. She sued Jay Inslee regarding the State practice of allowing non-citizens to be automatically registered to vote at the Department of Licensing. She is the only candidate who will openly talk about election fraud and how she plans to ensure transparent elections for the benefit all Washington citizens.

Many Washington citizens have checked out of the elections process because they have lost faith in the system and because there has been no transparency in our state government. Of the candidates in this race, we believe that Tamborine is the only candidate who can bring truth and transparency to Washington State elections. 

Learn more about Tamborine, her plans for honest elections in Washington state and get involved at Tamborine Borrelli – Tamborine Borrelli for WA Secretary of State (

Change won’t happen if YOU don’t vote!

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