Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up

Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of Washington

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.” Thomas Edison

On January 27th when I saw SB 5599 drop in the state legislature, not only did I know that this would be my personal mission for the session, but also CLW’s. I also knew that the bill was 99.999% going to pass despite the best efforts of citizens who strongly oppose further erosion of parental rights in Washington state.

Not fighting was never an option.

When we learned about the referendum effort to repeal SB 5599, there was never a question of whether we would support the efforts and do everything we could, as an organization, to help move this across the finish line and get the measure on the November ballot.

I saw this letter from the Washington State Catholic Conference dated June 15th. Executive Director, Mario Villanueva, states that “The Washington State Catholic Conference takes ‘no position’ on this referendum. This means that signatures may not be collected at parishes.”

WSCC r101 letter

He goes on to say that their assessment “is that the campaign to get Referendum 101 on the ballot is too far behind in collecting signatures and obtaining needed funding for a successful effort. The referendum is not likely to both make it on the ballot and pass in November’s election.”

This is disheartening and discouraging from the WSCC to put it mildly. The church who is supposed to be protecting life, protecting families is just not going to fight? They’re just going to lay down and let the government come for our children?

Not on our watch.

Imagine if our Republican legislators had this attitude…what’s the point of even showing up to session, knowing that the Democrats have a majority and can and will do whatever they want?! Imagine if organizations like CLW and others who fought against these horrible bills – from parental rights, education and voting to gun rights.

I can relate to that feeling of: “what’s the point of even fighting/speaking up when they’re going to do what they want anyway?!” HOWEVER…I refuse (and I hope you do too!!!) to just lay down and let them win without putting up a fight.

We will continue to fight and we need your help to do it! Please consider joining us as a member. This year we opened up our membership to men and have had overwhelming response. There is so much work for us to do – we need all hands on deck.

You can also make a financial contribution to support our efforts.

If you have not yet signed R101, here are a few upcoming opportunities.



HOWARD AMON PARK – 500 Amon Park Dr.


FREEDOM FEST — Grace Point Northwest (gracepointnw.org)



16300 112th Ave NE

To find more signing locations visit New tab (reject5599.com)

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