Is it Really A Pathway to Recovery?

Is it Really A Pathway to Recovery?

*UPDATE: 2.16.21 – HB 1499 passed out of committee this week in Olympia


It’s called the “Pathways to Recovery Act” which seems pretty deceptive. It seems to be more like “pathways to legalizing drugs act.” HB-1499 seeks to provide behavioral health resources to persons with substance abuse disorder.


I grew up in the 80’s and very much remember First Lady Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. I’m pretty sure she would be extremely disappointed with this bill making it’s way through Olympia right now. This bill would decriminalize the use of “personal drugs” to include:   heroin, meth, cocaine. If a person is caught with these drugs, there would be no incarceration – no jail time – because that would prevent them from getting the help they need.


HB-1499 would also make it easier for the sales and distribution of recreational and illegal drugs.


The rehabilitation component of this bill would give state resources to addicts, paid for by your tax dollars.


The legalizing and “normalizing” of recreational drugs poses a number of problems for our society and our citizens. It’s especially destructive to our young people and our minority populations and those at greatest risk for substance abuse. Legalizing drugs will target the most vulnerable in our society.


Please OPPOSE this bill. Send your representatives a message today and let them know you oppose this bill and leave them a comment.

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