Your Body Your Choice

Your Body Your Choice

*By Vincent Cavaleri, CLW Contributing Writer, Mill Creek City Council, Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff


This is a common phrase used by abortion advocates on the left; and for the most part, I don’t disagree. American citizens have the absolute right to decide the courses of treatments and cures for their individual bodies. Our individual rights to privacy regarding our health and health information extends from head to toe; and is absolute. That will change if Dr. Leana Wen and the global elites have their way.


Recently on CNN, special guest Dr. Leana Wen warned that the Biden administration has a “narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status.” To use her words, “it’s the carrot and stick approach.” If this does not alarm every American citizen, then nothing will. Wen is the former president of Planned parenthood and is probably one of the most outspoken people on women’s rights to choose, which makes her position incredibly hypocritical. Again, I disagree with her position, but I do agree with her right to choose her own medical decisions on her own body. However, Wen is a different kind of “libertarian” in this regard. She believes she has the absolute right to force vaccinate you and demand proof of inoculation to simply engage in the public square.


She went on the state, “we need to make it clear to anyone apprehensive about taking the vaccine, that the vaccine is the ticket to pre-pandemic life.” I wonder how she would react to an abortion passport on her mobile device. Wen is another global elitist that wants to be the arbiter on American citizens freedoms and movements. She has made official recommendations to the Biden administration to restrict you from flying on airplanes, using public transportation, shopping in stores and markets, going to restaurants and gyms and generally participating in your community if you have not been given the jab. This, ironically as COVID positive migrants flood the border and American cities and schools.


It is almost too stupid to believe, but that’s her professional opinion and recommendations, I assure you. The elites have been plotting for years, how to take away civil liberties and gain total control over the autonomy of American citizens. That silly piece of paper called the Constitution continues to get in their way, but the progressive push is full on. Using COVID has worked for everything so far, so why not civil liberties and rights to privacy? Restricting movement and forcing vaccinations gives the purveyors of power complete and total control over every citizen.


As of last week, Japan is ordering its citizens to participate in their inoculation program to receive a “digital passport” to allow for travel within its cities and towns. Not surprisingly, Communist China has also deployed similar restrictions on movement within its borders; and foreign travelers that enter the country. Your mobile device will supply all your health information. What could possibly go wrong?


Global elitists are banding together with big tech and big pharma to carry out their one world order and COVID is the perfect weapon. Utilizing fear is one of the oldest tools for grabbing power. In 1930s Germany, the fascist movement used similar tactics to grab power and ultimately control, which allowed for one of the world’s most brutal dictators to commit atrocities on an entire people; and wage war on the world. Ultimately, every American citizen is guaranteed the right to choose on his or her own paths to the future.


Whether you want the vaccine or not, the decision should and always must be your own. Using and instilling fear to promote the intrusion of someone’s body, is no different than a forced abortion or forced organ harvesting. Elected leaders do not have any right under the Constitution to mandate any such invasion of our bodies. Many questions still exist regarding safety and efficacy. It is up to you to be an informed consumer and decide what is best for you, not some ideolog like Wen. She is a toxic poison that has a megaphone and should be treated as such. Your body, your choice applies to the entire vessel.


Thanks, and God bless, Vincent

Conservative Ladies of Washington

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